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How long does the appraisal take?

The in-person appraisal inspection will take about 20-45 minutes, dependant on the size of your property. This time includes  an inspection of both the exterior and interior.


When will the report be completed?

We generally complete and submit the report 24 hours after the inspection time. There is a rush fee if you require the report back the same day.


What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, EMT, Visa & Mastercard.


Can I obtain a copy of the report?

As long as you are the client, the report is yours. The client is considered the party who orders the appraisal. The party who pays for the appraisal is not necessarily the client.


Will the appraiser give me a value at the end of the inspection?

No. The appraiser is simply on site to gather information to complete the appraisal. The final estimate of value is generated once the report is complete.


What is provided for an RMS measurement?

Our RMS measurement services will provide Gross Living Area with a detailed breakdown of room measurements, as well as a perimeter sketch of the property.



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